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World Trade Center Dust

An In-Depth Look at the World Trade Center Dust

The science behind the 9/11 dust and its relationship to physical illnesses is confusing and complex. Here we take a closer look to help you understand it. Read More
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The Connection Between Breast Cancer and 9/11

Last week we looked in-depth at a rare disease (Wegener’s) as it relates to World Trade Center dust exposure. This week we look at one of the more common diseases, breast cancer, and its association as a 9/11 Related Cancer. Breast cancer has r… Read More
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In-Depth Review of a 9/11 Related Illness

How a Rare Disease Became a 9/11 Related Illness

As a result of our efforts working with the World Trade Center Health Program, our client and the other 11 patients that have this disease can now receive life-saving medical treatment under the World Trade Center Health Program; they can also receiv… Read More
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