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Updates on September 11th Victim Compensation Fund and Letters to Our Clients

VCF Update- May 2018

The Victim Compensation Fund has just released the current statistics with regards to applicants and awards from the VCF. To date, the Fund has made over 21,000 award determinations totaling over $3.6 billion dollars. The Fund has approximately anoth…
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December 2017 VCF Updated Timeline for Review of Claims

As we close the year 2017, the Fund has almost cleared their backlog of claims submitted in 2015 for award determinations. In their recent report, the Fund indicates that there are only about 200 claims submitted before January 1, 2016, that remain t…
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VCF Updated FAQs

There have been several VCF updates regarding certain policies and procedures. Most important are the following: If I already submitted my claim, how do I add a new condition for consideration? If your condition is already certified, an amendment mu…
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VCF Update: Clarification of Timelines for Registration

The VCF has posted clarification on the timeline to register to participate in the Fund. To view the entire list, click here.  Please note that there are extremely important deadlines to register with the Fund. Failure to register a timely claim wil…
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VCF Update: Timeline for Review of Claims

The VCF has posted an update on the timeline for the review of claims from the time of submission to when they will receive an award (taken from FAQ 1.2 on the VCF’s website): I submitted my claim. When will a decision be made on my claim?  (U…
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VCF Update: Defined Benefit and Past Lost Wages Worksheet

The VCF now requires claimants to submit a worksheet when claiming a defined benefit pension loss due to a disability and the related loss of earnings. There are two different required worksheets, depending on which pension plan the claimant belonged…
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VCF Program Statistics through June 30, 2017

The VCF has posted updated statistics on their websites. The statistics represent activity through the end of the day on June 30, 2017. Click here for more. The Special Master has also issued a statement with the release of the updated statistics. In…
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Published Instructions on VCF and Surrogate/Probate Court Documents

The VCF has published detailed guidance for claims filed on behalf of deceased victims from 9/11.  There are two types of claims for deceased 9/11 victims: Wrongful death claims, where the decedent died due to 9/11 illnesses. Personal injury claims…
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VCF Updated Policies and Procedures

The Victim Compensation Fund has posted updated policies and procedures for the Claims process. Of note, the Fund has updated policies on VCF1 awards and the collateral offsets of such, 9/11 related lawsuits and the implications of timeliness of regi…
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VCF Program Statistics through March 31, 2017

On April 28, 2017, the VCF has published statistics on their review of claims and award determinations through March 31, 2017. As of this date, the VCF has made 12,435 award determinations for a total value of $2,486,862,133.54.  The VCF has receive…
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