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VCF Update: Defined Benefit and Past Lost Wages Worksheet

The VCF now requires claimants to submit a worksheet when claiming a defined benefit pension loss due to a disability and the related loss of earnings. There are two different required worksheets, depending on which pension plan the claimant belonged to: 

  1. Defined Benefit Pension Loss worksheet for those who were employed by New York City (under the pension system "NYCERS") and those who worked for New York State (under the pension system "NYSLRS").
  2. There is a separate worksheet for those who were part of a Union and other entities in which the claimant was entitled to a defined benefit pension plan.

There is now a required worksheet for those claiming past lost wages associated with time missed from work or other lost wages for temporary periods of time in the past. Past lost wages does not include findings of permanent disability from some entity (Social Security Disability; NYPD, FDNY, NYCERS, Union, NYSLRS Pension Systems, etc.).

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