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VCF Updated FAQs

There have been several VCF updates regarding certain policies and procedures. Most important are the following:

If I already submitted my claim, how do I add a new condition for consideration?

  • If your condition is already certified, an amendment must be filed to formally include the new condition for compensation.
  • If the condition you want to add is not being treated by the WTC Health Program: You should seek certification from the WTC Health Program for the new condition before submitting your amendment. You can seek certification for treatment from the WTC Health Program for purposes of your VCF claim and still be treated for your certified condition by a physician outside of the WTC Health Program.Making an appointment with the WTC Health Program and seeking certification for your condition is the best way to get the necessary evidence that the condition is eligible for purposes of obtaining compensation from the VCF. You can find an application for the WTC Health Program online at www.cdc.gov/wtc or by calling 1-888-982-4748. The WTC Health Program includes a Nationwide Provider Network (“NPN”) to serve members who live outside the New York City metropolitan area. The NPN is available to WTC, Pentagon, and Shanksville responders and WTC survivors. For information about the NPN call 1-888-982-4748.

If you are not able to seek certification for treatment from the WTC Health Program for a condition for which you are requesting compensation from the VCF, you must provide the VCF with certain medical records and information about your treatment by a non-WTC Health Program physician. The forms, instructions, and detailed information about the Private Physician Process are available under “Forms and Resources” on the VCF website. Please note that the Private Physician Process is intended for those individuals who are not able to go to a WTC Health Program center or an NPN provider to have their condition evaluated and certified for treatment.

If I participate in a lawsuit under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), can I still file a VCF claim?

Yes, if you participate in a lawsuit under JASTA, you can still file a VCF claim. See Zadroga Act, Pub. Law No. 107-42, as amended by Pub. Law No. 107-71, Section 405(c)(3)(C)(i). Any compensation awarded by the court in the lawsuit or obtained in a settlement of litigation will be treated as an offset and deducted from your VCF award.

Please remember that you must inform the VCF of any new collateral source payments you receive, or become entitled to receive, after your claim has been filed – including after an award has been determined or paid – until the VCF closes on December 18, 2020.

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