Published Instructions on VCF and Surrogate/Probate Court Documents

Robert A. Grochow
July 10, 2017

The VCF has published detailed guidance for claims filed on behalf of deceased victims from 9/11.

There are two types of claims for deceased 9/11 victims:

  1. Wrongful death claims, where the decedent died due to 9/11 illnesses.
  2. Personal injury claims, where the decedent suffered from his/her 9/11 illnesses prior to death but did not die as a result of these illnesses.

There are specific steps that must be taken before bringing a claim with the VCF on behalf of the Estate. In both cases, an individual has to be appointed by the Surrogate or Probate Court to act on behalf of the Estate. In cases that involve the New York State Probate or Surrogate's Court, there are provisions that allow the VCF to process the claim with certain limitations. The detailed instructions can be found here.

Robert A. Grochow
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Robert Grochow has over 30 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer in New York, serving as co-counsel in over a thousand cases. He has also received recognition as one of New York’s “Most Honest Lawyers” from the National Law Journal/Washington Post.

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