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Robert A. Grochow
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Yesterday our office was involved in a conference call with the Special Master, who clarified the Fund's timeline for the review and determination of previously submitted Compensation Claims. In general, the Fund will be reviewing claims in a “first in, first out” order based on the date the claim was submitted.

The Special Master has set a goal to decide by the end of 2016 all compensation claims for eligible claimants that were submitted more than two years ago (prior to August 1, 2014). They do not expect to be able make significant progress before the end of 2016 on claims that were submitted between one to two years ago (August 1, 2014 – August 1, 2015).

If your claim was submitted after August 1, 2015, the Fund may not be able to begin review of those claims until early 2017. Based on conversations with the Fund, we anticipate future timelines to be posted as the Fund continues their review.

Our office continues to work with the Fund to ensure efficiency during the review process.

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