VCF Program Statistics through March 31, 2017

Robert A. Grochow
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On April 28, 2017, the VCF has published statistics on their review of claims and award determinations through March 31, 2017. As of this date, the VCF has made 12,435 award determinations for a total value of $2,486,862,133.54.

The VCF has received 26,907 Eligibility claims, of which they have made a total of 20,938 eligibility decisions (78% of all claims filed). As of March 31, 2017, the VCF has received 21,857 compensation claims, of which the VCF has rendered decisions on 12,435 where eligibility has been approved. Although a compensation claim may have been submitted, the Fund cannot render an award decision on a claim until there is an eligibility decision. Therefore, some of the 21,857 compensation claim submissions are not yet entitled to an award determination.

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